Sliding upward

Sliding Upward intro from Zuzana Gedeon on Vimeo.
It all started with a simple conversation between myself and Chad, who was coaching a ski team at the time. I was struggling skate skiing up the hill towards “Lookout” at Bohart Ranch.

Me (breathing hard feeling I am about to die): This is so hard!

Chad: This? This is an easy hill!

Me (staring at him as if he just ate my grandmother)

Later on, every time I skied up there I thought about this conversation. Eventually, I did a Masters training with Chad and after that I understood: That hill isn’t hard at all!

The rest is history. I realized there are many ways to ski. Skiing is a great exercise, a little bit of a dance, and a means to explore winter, especially with good friends.

reel 1 take 1 slate Zuzana Gedeon directorThe film “Sliding upward” is going to be a little fun adventure into the world of X-country skiing and racing with a little bit of science blended in to help us all see the magic in skiing.

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