A little history

Long long time ago, maybe even in a galaxy far away,
I discovered a camera.

It was already quite old, but it was awesome. The finder was on a side, and I could look from above and take photos of people unaware of what I was doing. I loved those photos. I stashed them in a box, with negatives and memories of my brief dark room experience. I loved those moments of time captured ‘forever’. Then I left.

I moved into far away lands.

By the time I visited again, my precious box was gone.
I lost my treasure.
‘Forever’ dissolved into nothing.
Then another part of my past, just like that little box,

disappeared in an unusual way.
But I kept my camera.
She traveled with me wherever I went.

I traded it for a more modern model.

I swapped the stillness and simplicity of an image

for a craze of a filmmaking


while I may have lost the resolution,

I found motion and sound,
…and new memories.