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For your convenience here is a simple email template for connecting with your friends,  (simply add your personal story at the spots that are in parenthesis and bold type and)  you are good to go! Have Fun! And while you are at it, maybe share this site?

And if you like the ideas, please consider making a donation and support the author.

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Thank you

————-your template starts here—————-

Dear (name)
I was just checking out ZGecko Productions and it made me think of you. It made me think about fun times we had at (this is time for you to shine and tell them about that fabulous experience you shared). We should plan to do something together soon to reconnect!

I think I will give them (your generous donation and support will be appreciated and potentially matched by your friends? So do not be shy to tell them even if it is one dollar) because it hit a chord with me. (You may add what exactly you liked about the page. I hope you did maybe check the Instagram? or Pinterest posts?) Might be fun to support an artist and know I was personally involved.

I have to say I chuckled to see their plea for sharing the website. It inspired me to write to you. Here is the direct link https://zgeckoproductions.com

Hope to talk to you soon.
(Your own name here)

————-your template ends here—————-