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Beating Batten opens with images of lab equipment and paint brushes. The location looks more like an art studio than a laboratory. Students in lab coats perform their daily activities: painting unusual images in petri dishes, well plates, and slides. Closeups and colorful imagery, underscored by orchestral music leaves viewer to wonder where we are, and what the purpose of the film is.

We are indeed in a laboratory, the laboratory of Professor Jonathan Cooper in London. Underlined by the background story of a Sara who suffered an unusual rare disease, We explore the inspiration and the driving forces for research. Rather than by financial incentives,they are driven by passion; driven by the hope to help those who suffer; driven by the tears of those who succumbed to rare diseases and the dedication of those who push the research forward.  As long as those motivational forces exist, there is a hope, and the hope is crucial for the well being of those who still suffer.

These 11 minutes fly by fast, as the viewer laughs and cries along with the personal story of Sara and the filmmaker, learns about the disease and genetic research, and listens to a fantastic original musical score. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.
If you ever wondered about genetic research or stem cell research, this film has a clear explanation why progress is unstoppable.

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